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Your Guide To Muscle Tan Application
05 Sep

Your Guide To Muscle Tan Application

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Waxing & Shaving Male Contestant

Waxing - 72 hours prior to your tan Shaving: - 48 hours prior to your tan

Waxing & Shaving Female Contestants

Waxing 24 - 48 hours prior Shaving 12- 24 hours prior

1.Exfoliate your skin using Black Magic‘s Xfoliating Mitt. Staring at your feet work your way up the body in a circular motion towards the heart. This will rejuvenate your skin by removing dead skin cells, improving circulation to give your skin the best possible surface for your tan.

NB: Best results are attained by using on dry skin alternatively you can dampen skin before starting. Shower well and pat skin dry.

Day One Base Coat

1. Skin Free Of All Product

Ensure skin has been exfoliated and free of all product including perfumes and deodorant.

2. Wear Loose Clothing

Wear loose dark clothing or bring to put on after your tan

3. Base Coat

Apply a base coat of Muscle Tan to give the competition tan depth of colour. Dry well before dressing. Advise client how long to let the tan develop before showering. Clients then puts on dark loose clothing to avoid any smudging of tan during development.

During Development

While the base tan is developing clients cannot get wet. When washing hands use a sanitising gel to avoid any water splashing onto the skin. Clients should not participate in any exercise, or expose themselves to extremes of temperature as this will negatively impact on their tan by causing excess perspiration.

Development Time Is Up

Lightly rinse - do not scrub skin or use soaps just a quick 30 second warm shower. Pat Skin dry Full tan colour development is achieved anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.

Day Two

Muscle Tan is now applied drying well between coats until desired level of darkness is reached. A competitors coach will normally advise how dark they need to go! It can be anywhere from 2-4 coats of Muscle Tan.

Apply Tan Lock

After the Muscle Tan has been applied to required level of darkness. Dry client well. Then standing back from client apply a light mist of Tan Lock to lock in colour and moisture and importantly minimise smudging.

Key Points

1. You must dry well between coats

2. Muscle Glaze is patted on two hour before going on stage to soften tan and then check and touch up glaze 30 minutes before going on stage

3.. There is no need for any other product to be applied.

Post Competition

Clients can now vigorously shower to remove bronzers and reveal their natural looking tan.

NB: Muscle Tan has been designed specifically for Competition and not another standard tanning solution.

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