"I've been competing for close to 15 years now and having done over 40 shows I've tried almost every tan on the market. I can honestly say nothing comes close to Black Magic tan in every aspect! The most flawless tan with perfect colour, so easily applied (and easily removed) all whilst being very gentle on my skin. A product truly in a league of it's own!"
"Black Magic Tan was crucial to helping me win the 2015 PNBA Pro Men's Body Building World Championships."

Tim Martin

PNBA Professional Body Builder
Body Transformation Specialist

"After all the hours spent in the bath just trying to scrub my tan off to me wasting money on tan removers that don't work I have finally found the best tan remover yet it's called 'tan remover' by Black Magic Tan, I swear by that product it's the easiest and simple way to remove old tan,, all you do is rinse yourself in the shower rub the tan remover all over your body wait ten minutes then exfoliate and it comes straight off its that easy I will be definitely be telling all my friends about it,

I highly recommend it "

Brittney Starkey

Sydney Australia