Workshop Overview

The Black Magic Tan Workshop will give you an introduction into Black Magic’s world class tanning techniques, This course is designed to cater for new tanning technicians and those wanting to refresh their skills.
The course is broken into 3 parts, Theory, Technique and Hygiene.

Part 1 – Theory:

How spray tanning was discovered, client consultation, the active ingredient in tanning solutions, Understanding Skin Tone, Why do some tans turn orange, Black Magic’s range of products, selecting the right solution for each skin type.

Part 2 – Technique:

Develop your technique, Learn how to adjust your equipment to obtain the optimum level of solution. Students are able to apply as many coats as required as
we use our training solution which has all the characteristics of our tanning solutions without the DHA. This means you can focus on developing your technique and your model can shower and remove all traces of solution upon completion of training.

Part 3 – Hygiene:

How to clean your equipment and take it apart, clean filters and setup your machine, extraction fans their use and benefit.

On Completion:
On completion of this workshop, you will receive our Black Magic certification.

Cost: $250

Training Tools provided include:

  • Equipment used on the day
  • Training Manuals
  • Black Magic Certificate of Attainment
  • Time Frame: 4 Hours Duration
  • What You Need to Bring: A Model, Note pad and pen.

Looking for Black Magic Trainers in your area


Rachael Przibilla
Location: Penrith
P: 0420 276 693

Anita Phanna
Location: Edensor Park
P: 0450 427 244


Sophia Wotherspoon
P: 0424 557 058

International Salon Supplies
Location: Burswood
P: 08 9470 1416


Missy Quilliam
Location: Camira
P: 0438 381 600


Kristy Wild
Location: Lara
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Jodie Growse
Location: Kilsyth
P: 0434537312

Anueta Di Battista
Location: Northern Suburbs
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