Black Magic Xfoliate

Black Magic Xfoliate

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We all know the rules to ensuring the best results when you get a spray tan, exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate..............

Until now alot of products used to exfoliate either didnt do the job properly or had many other problems, some were a moisturiser based exfoliants which would leave a barrier on your skin and not allow you to develop the sort of tan you were aiming for, others contained essential oils that would again act as a barrier............................until now

Is availble in 250ml take home jars and 1 Litre Professional Packs.

Tan Xfoliate is more than just an exfoliant, is helps you restore your skins PH Balance back to normal levels

Tan Xfoliate is a gentle skin peel that will remove your dead skin cells and uncover new skin ready for your next spray tan.

If you havent tried this yet you will be amazed.


We have sourced the finest ingredients from around the world to create this unique product.

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