About Us


Choosing the right tan for your business has never been harder, with so many different products to choose from it can often be a daunting and difficult task. 

Black Magic has 3 definite ranges: Vibe, Black Magic Original and the Argan tans plus a niche product Pure Magic for those wanting the most natural experience possible.. 

It is the characteristics of our formulas which make each range unique, meaning clients will receive a different experience and end result depending on which product they use and their skin type. 

Each Individual range that we have has been formulated independently of the other range so you can be sure you are receiving a unique tanning experience with each product. 

Natural Looking Colour:

Its all about the colour, we understand that, however there is more than just DHA that makes our spray tan special, we use a special blend of natural ingredients that will enhance the colour and your spray tan experience. 

Smell.... What Smell:

  • Our unique formulations contain high quality ingredients and no need to mask odours with a fragrance. You can be sure that on a busy night tanning you will not get a headache from our range of tanning solutions because of an overwhelming fragrance.

          * Products that contain fragrances can hide hundreds of different types of ingredients

Great for the skin:

  • Black Magic tanning products contain ingredients that are high in anti-oxidents,
  • Our full range contain natural and nourishing ingredients to help enhance all skin types with more than a golden or bronzed glow.